Class Information

Elementary (Gr. K-6)

Parish Hall doors will open at 4:50PM with snack, large group lesson & fellowship.  Classes will be held from 5:15-6PM with pickup in front of the church

Grade K & 1 Bible Stories

Grade 2 Sacrament of "Reconciliation & Eucharist"

Grade 3 & 4 Sacraments

Grade 5 & 6 The Church & Mass

MS/HS GRADES (Gr. 7-12)

will meet in the Parish Hall
Meal 6:30-7PM ∙ Class & Closing Prayer 7:15-8:30PM ∙ Social 8:30-9PM. 
Parish Hall doors will open at 6:3OPM. Please drop off and pickup in the back parking lot by the Parish Hall.

PLEASE NOTE:  On the Faith Formation calendar there are "large group" class nights in the CHURCH from 7-8PM--there will be NO MEAL on these nights--this is still considered a scheduled Faith Formation class night that grade 7-12 students are expected to attend. 


Grade 7 - Scripture Timeline "Encounter" Bible Study of faith

Grade 8 - The "Bible Mini-Series" DVD Lessons on History of the Bible

Grade 9 - "Theology of the Body" Faith Formation of God's plan for us  

Grade 10 - Sacrament of "Confirmation" preparation

Grade 11 - "Apologetics" with Fr. Bill Growing deeper in Catholic faith 

Grade 12 - "Disciples Way" (DW) Year of Service/Mural