Committee Information

Committee Information

Court Sacred Heart #408

Catholic Daughters of America

Spencer, Iowa

Committee Information

Founded in 1903 by the Knights of Columbus, the Catholic Daughters of the America has flourished under the motto of “Unity and Charity”. The CDA is one of the oldest and largest organizations of the Catholic women in the America. The CDA has over 75,000 members for 1,250 courts in 45 states across the country, and in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands. Any woman age l8 and over of the Catholic faith who wished to belong may join Catholic Daughters.

The state of Iowa established Catholic Daughters in l913 and currently has 67 courts. In addition to projects endorsed and supported by the State and National CDA, Spencer’ Sacred Heart Court #408 works for the parish and communities through involvement in various local committees. A list of the local committees and a brief description follows:

Flower Committee– Members of this committee send flowers to CDA members in the hospital. Also when a member has a death in the immediate family, this committee sends a card and has a Mass said for the deceased. Funds for the committee come from “The March of Dimes” collection taken at the close of each meeting and from the extra $5.00 that is paid by reserved members.Funds from this committee also pay for the gifts at Christmas to shut-ins from our parish. A report is given at each meeting which includes any activity since the last meeting.

Coupons to Sunshine Center Committee– CDA and other church members are encouraged to bring their unused coupons for distribution to the Sunshine Center for their residents’ use when shopping. Coupons do not need to be cut out. A coupon collection bag is located at the east side entrance into the church. This committee is responsible for taking the coupons to the Sunshine Center on l0th Avenue East.

Education Contest Committee– This committee coordinates this National Contest at the local level with information sent from the National and State CDA offices. Yearly themes and rules are given to this committee by the Regent.

Good of the Order Committee– Members of this committee share a piece of information for the good of our members before adjourning our meeting. Topics should be of general interest to members and is not a closing prayer.

Church Sewing Projects Committee- Members of this committee organize supply kits for Baptismal gowns. They are responsible for getting the kits to members to complete. A baptismal gown is given to each one baptized.

E-mail List– This committee is responsible for communicating with the membership using e-mail. Upcoming meeting notices, meeting summaries, death of a member and special upcoming events are some of the times when e-mail is used.

Circle of Love Committee– This committee is responsible for maintaining the court’s binder on court activities and projects. Whenever the court has a fundraiser or project, the person in charge of this event is to get a report to the Circle of Love Committee. This report is used for future reference on repeat projects. This committee also completes reporting sheets for different areas which are sent to the state and national.

Ways and Means Committee– This committee is responsible for providing projects or activities to be held during the year to raise money to meet the items budgeted.

Longhouse Committee– Masses are offered once a month at Longhouse. Committee members assist with getting residents to Mass and serving refreshments after mass. They also report the number of people at Mass.

Membership Committee– This committee is to help recruit new members and invite them to attend a meeting. All members of the Court are encouraged to invite Catholic women to the monthly meetings.

Opening Prayer Committee– This committee is responsible for saying and opening prayer or having a prayer service at the beginning of a meeting.

Photographer– This committee is responsible for taking pictures at each meeting of guest speakers, activities and events sponsored by Catholic Daughters. These photos will be used in the scrapbook, display case and can be sent to the Spencer Newspaper, Voice, Globe or Share Magazine.

Scrapbook– This committee organizes information of court activities in the scrapbook as well as Mass cards of deceased members. The scrapbook can be submitted at the State Convention for competition.

Parish Project Committee– This committee is responsible for organizing the November Memorial Service reception and the Senior Baccalaureate Reception as well as any other parish receptions the CDA is asked to do. They will also be responsible for the Project Handclasp for CASA during Lent.

Seminarian Committee– Each fall the State CDA gives each local court the names of seminarians from the Sioux City Diocese in addition to ones we want to remember at holidays, birthdays and etc.

Publicity Committee– Committee members ensure that all CDA activities and projects are advertised on television (SMU and Mediacom) church bulletin, newspaper community calendar as well as any purchased ads. Items can also be sent to the Globe, Voice, Spencer Daily Reporter, or Share Magazine.

Program Committee– Committee members are responsible for planning programs for monthly meetings except June. Feb. is Education Contest. March and April also have May baskets so a shorter program is needed. This committee meets during the summer scheduling programs for the entire year. The committee also notifies members of the program before the meeting and contacts the church secretary to put the info in the bulletin. The Program Committee is also responsible for the Annual Food Event which is a money raising activity. One-half of the money raised is sent to the state CDA treasurer for the bishop of the Sioux City diocese. Each Iowa bishop receives the money from courts in their diocese. The other half is donated to a non-profit organization decided by the local court. When planning these, let the members know in advance so they can plan on their participation.

Legislation Committee– Committee members bring information from the National CDA Court and etc. that may be of interest to members regarding religious rights and responsibilities. Members are encouraged to give their input on these matters to elected officials. Addresses and phone numbers can be provided, but members are encouraged to act on their own as the Court can’t respond as an organization.

Postage Stamps Committee– Committee members collect cancelled stamps from collection boxes at church and submits them to charities than can use them.