School Information

Sacred Heart School follows the Spencer Community School District calendar for the most part.  There are a few inservice days that Sacred  Heart may have, in which the public school does not observe.  We work very closely with the public school as they provide a variety of services to Sacred Heart. 

Sacred Heart welcomes all who wish to attend school here include those who are non-Catholic.  We have several teachers/aides who are non-Catholic as well.  


Mission Statement

To educate students prepared to be responsible Christians with the skills and virtues necessary to learn for a lifetime while serving God, their country, and humankind.

80% - 100% of our students on are on the Middle School Honor Roll annually

89% of our students are subsidized by the parish

15% of our students are non-Catholic

22  students is the average class size

1:16 ratio of certified teachers to students

1:9 ratio of certified teachers/aides to students