School Annual Appeal

The Annual Appeal allows our families and supporters to make tax-deductible gifts to Sacred Heart. The benefits include: 100% of donated funds go to Sacred Heart; decreases the demands on parents, students, volunteers, teachers, and staff; and will continue to make a difference in the educational experience provided at Sacred Heart. 

Click below to donate to the Annual Appeal


The money from the Annual Appeal will be  put towards the same things that our previous fundraisers funded, examples include: technology, playground, scholarships, etc. You can support the Sacred Heart School Annual Appeal year-round and you can share this information with your friends, family and neighbors and allow them to receive a tax deduction for their contribution.  And best of all you don’t need to sell candy, magazines, or wrapping paper!  Just share with them the benefits of Sacred Heart Catholic School.

If you have any questions regarding the fundraisers at Sacred Heart School or would like to get further involved in one of the fundraisers, please contact Amanda Woodall, Principal of Sacred Heart School, 712-262-6428 or