Adult Choir


 Welcome All Musicians of Sacred Heart!

The adult choir has a 35-year history in our parish (and fortunately and unfortunately!) many of the current singers have been a part of the ministry for just as long.It takes a great commitment to serve in a ministry for 35 years and we are grateful to each and every one who have devoted their church lives to the choir.We are a family and support each other through all of the tragedies and triumphs of life.

Many of us are now retired (or just plain tired) and are beginning to travel to visit grandchildren, live part of the year in warmer climates, take our free-time elsewhere other than Spencer.Our choir needs new life, and, just like any family, needs to grow into the next generation and beyond.

When the choir fades away, the liturgy loses something special that helps breathe life into the celebrations. So please come join us.We are not professional, many do not read music, we are a very welcoming group.All voices are welcome, but we especially need tenors.

Sacred Heart Choir


We generally meet on Sunday at 9:45a.m. to rehearse for the 10:30a.m. Mass. If there is a need for a more extensive rehearsal, one may be scheduled for a Thursday evening, but usually only happens at Christmas and Easter.

Please call the church office, (712) 262-3047, or the director at home, (712) 262-1489, and we can offer more details.

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